Insights | Ideation | Consulting

The majority of the work we do falls under the above three areas, which often do overlap.
Under that broad scope, some of the more specific services we provide are below, in no certain order.

  • Traditional qualitative research (focus groups, IDIs, dyads, triads, friendship sessions)
  • Non-traditional qualitative research
  • Brand essence research and exploration
  • Brand strategy development/platform ideation
  • Creative development and resonance research
  • Messaging studies
  • Online focus groups
  • In-home or on-site individual interviews
  • Persona ideation and development
  • In-office or on-site individual interviews (B2B settings)
  • Journal studies
  • Naming
  • New business pitches (with agencies)
  • UX research
  • Jury research
  • Product tasting
  • Awareness and usage studies
  • Tracking studies
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Client perception surveys
  • Concept screening
  • Product development/evaluation/enhancements
  • New product/service ideation
  • Customer segmentation
  • Lapsed customer/brand rejecter studies
  • Internal stakeholder studies
  • Workshop/planning session facilitation
  • Marketing program implementation*
  • Organizational/marketing issue troubleshooting**


*If your project warrants a full-scale marketing communications agency, we work with some excellent firms and are happy to make a recommendation. However, for clients in a situation where a full-service traditional agency is not a fit, our sister division activates insight and strategy work into execution. Not surprisingly, this extension flows quite naturally from work we’ve often already done in understanding the business, consumer, brand and competitive dynamics. If you have questions about these services, simply contact us.

**What the heck does that mean? Well, sometimes you just need help navigating a problem, a situation, an issue or something that is in the way of running a business efficiently. Six Sigma consulting? No. Bringing in an objective, outside resource with a knack for helping figure out an effective strategy (whether it is a marketing communications strategy or a larger business strategy) and getting things working smoothly? Yes.

One More Note About Research.

We often say we’re a marketing firm that also does research, not a research firm that also does marketing. With that in mind, we provide customized target audience research and strategy consulting to advise the businesses that strive to connect with those audiences. However, clients don’t get the same old approach to research. Nucleus Marketing Lab clients…

  • Receive more implications than regurgitations.
  • Are reminded that research doesn’t have to be boring.
  • Walk away feeling smarter about an issue that affects their business.